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Can I claim tax relief on my mortgage?

Yes, but you must meet the following conditions to qualify:

  • Have bought the property before 1 January 2013, the date on which the government abolished this form of tax relief.
  • Have applied for tax relief on your mortgage in 2012 or earlier.

If you fulfil both requirements, you can claim up to 15% of the amount repaid over the year, up to a maximum of 9,040 euros, so you could save up to 1,356 euros per year in income tax. If there are two holders to the mortgage and they each file their own tax return, the maximum amount on which you can claim tax relief is 18,080 euros.

What costs are eligible for tax relief why buying a home?

If you took out your mortgage before 1 January 2013, you can claim tax relief on all the costs related to the purchase of the home:

  • The mortgage instalments, i.e. all the monthly payments of the outstanding principal made during the year.
  • The mortgage arrangement fee, if charged by the bank.
  • The price of all the insurance policies linked to the mortgage: life, home, payment protection, etc.
  • The mortgage approval costs: the appraisal and the notary and management fees paid.
  • Costs related to the deed of sale, notary and registry fees, management fees and taxes.
  • But remember, the maximum amount on which you can claim tax relief is 9,040 euros per year.

For amendments to your mortgage, you can claim tax relief in the following cases:

  • If you make an early repayment.
  • If a creditor subrogation is carried out.
  • If you take out a new mortgage to cancel the existing one.


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