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When and how to redeem an investment fund?

Investment funds offer a very high level of liquidity, which means that you can redeem all or part of your investment whenever you want and as often as you want.

When you request a redemption, the capital will usually reach your account within five days. Another important point to remember is that investment funds don't expire because the portfolio to which they belong is constantly being renewed. You can sell or buy whenever you want.

Factors to bear in mind when buying an investment fund

If you have decided to buy an investment fund, you will probably want to know which funds offer the best return and where you can buy them. But the return on a fund and its liquidity are not the only factors to consider when investing in this type of financial product. You should also bear in mind the management fees, the tax advantages, your guarantees as an investor and the risk you are willing to assume.

The best investment funds will always be the ones that meet your needs and the investment strategy you have defined. In other words, the ideal fund for you will depend on your investor profile (conservative, moderate, dynamic or aggressive) and your preferred liquidity horizon.


How do funds work?

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Fund comparison tool

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