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What are the benefits of a PIAS?

PIAS (Individual Systematic Savings Plan) Dynamic Management offers a range of benefits:


  • Contributions: they can be one-off at the convenience of the plan holder or regular.
  • In the type of assets to be invested (short- and long-term fixed income, equities, mixed and three types of delegated portfolios).
  • Mobility at any time between different investment portfolios at no cost to the client.


  • All or part of the savings at any time 15 days after the insurance policy came into force.
  • No penalties or expenses at the time of redemption.

Tax benefits

  • The returns are not subject to personal income tax withholding until redemption.
  • If a Life Annuity is constituted from the 5th year, the return from the PIAS will not be taxed. The life annuity will be taxed with significant reductions depending on age.

Life insurance

  • Life insurance is included. If the holder dies, the beneficiaries will obtain the accumulated balance plus 5% of additional capital (up to a maximum of €6,100 for those under age 65 and €625 for those aged 65 or over).
  • Allows you to expressly designate the persons you wish to receive the amount of the PIAS in the event of the holder's death.