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How do I change the payment types and the monthly repayments?

Depending on your preferences, you can change the payment method (end of month or deferred), the monthly percentage to be paid or the fee for deferred (revolving) payment“”, when you activate the card or at any later point in time. You have to notify us of any change five (5) days before the end of the settlement month, through the Bankinter website or app, by calling our Telephone Banking on 91 657 88 00 or going to a branch. We will not charge you anything for the change. You will always have to pay a minimum amount each month to repay the balance drawn down. And if you are paying it all at the end of the month, the deferment will be interest free.

It will take you longer to repay the outstanding balance if you use small instalments, and you will also pay higher interest than with higher instalments. Remember to read information about your card that we send you from time to time, and you can also use the Simulator.


Instalments card

COMPRA SMART: Spread one or more card payments without changing the conditions. Pay at your own pace.
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Combo Card

Use the Combo 1 side if you want to pay at the end of the month. Use the Combo 2 side if you prefer to pay little by little.
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