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Bizum for minors

If they're old enough for a mobile phone, they're old enough to use Bizum.

Bizum is a secure way to send and receive funds through their phone. They'll learn how to manage and appreciate the value of their money with a tool they've grown up with.

  • The service is free for minors between the ages of 14 and 17 who hold a Mini account.
  • As the minor's guardian, you're the one who sets, authorises and changes the limits.
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This is how Bizum for minors works:

What is it for?

They can use Bizum to request or send money through their phone to another person – for example, to contribute to a joint gift with their friends – without using cash.

Who can they use it with?

They can use it with anyone who is registered with the Bizum service. Nowadays, nearly every bank offers this service.

What about control?

As the parent or guardian, you have control. You set the limits, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

Want to set up the service? We'll guide you through the process.

We'll explain things step by step when you set up the service, but here's a quick guide:
  • Now click on “Account management”.

    Once you've logged in with your passwords, your name will appear at the top of the screen. If you click on it, you'll see your “ Global position” and the “Account management” tab.

  • If you haven't already given your child read-only passwords, you need to do so now.

    With these passwords, they will be able to view their account but they won't be able to perform any transactions. In the specific case of Bizum, the read-only passwords will let your child check their balance and the number of Bizum transactions they've performed.

  • From the same “Account management” tab, you can register your child with Bizum and set the limit for transactions.

    We'll ask you to assign a maximum daily, weekly or monthly amount that they can use with Bizum daily, weekly or monthly. We have our own limit, which is a maximum of €200 per transaction.

  • Authorise the service.

    As the parent or guardin, we'll ask you to confirm the service request. At that point, your child will have to confirm the phone number they are going to use for Bizum transactions.