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European Funds FAQs

Components of the NGEU Funds: social and territorial cohesion

What is the focus of social and territorial cohesion?

Promoting knowledge, quality education and permanent training to reduce inequalities and promote employability. This centres on the three pillars of the Welfare State: education, health and social services, and adds two more pillars: care economy and the demographic problem.

Examples of areas of development for projects centred on Social and Territorial Cohesion:

This key element will have more prominence from the Administration, which will carry it out through direct investment from the State, the Autonomous Communities or local corporations, such as the deployment of strategic railway infrastructure corridors, housing renewal programmes or health and educational programmes.

  • Projects focused on promoting permanent contracts in geographic areas with a social structure deficit.
  • Proposals to reduce school dropouts.
  • Promoting access to housing for young people and vulnerable groups.
  • Avoiding basic supplies being cut off.
  • Promotion of infrastructures of all kinds aimed at breaking the territorial gap (including transport, telecommunications, water and energy)
  • Reinforcement of the System for Autonomy and Attention to Dependency.


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