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If you're trying to work out your mortgage, we're here to help.

Want to find out which mortgage is best for you? Are you doing trying to work out the related expenses? Get answers to all your questions with our mortgage tools and calculators.

Mortgage and loan tools

Mortgage calculator

Want to find the mortgage that best suits you? Use our calculator to discover the instalments, taxes and mortgage that suit your needs.
Simulate mortgage

Mortgage costs calculator

Trying to work your mortgage expenses? Use our calculator to find out the main items you'll have to pay for: notary, taxes, deeds, admin fees.
Mortgage costs calculator

Agreement in principle

Want to find out your mortgage instalment? Apply for a personalised offer and we'll tell you everything you need to know.
Apply for a personalised offer

Buy vs rent calculator

Thinking of investing in the purchase of a home instead of paying the rent? With our “buy vs rent” calculator you can find out which option is best for you and do your own sums.
Find out if it's better to buy or rent a house

Variable-rate mortgage calculator

Find out how much your monthly mortgage instalments will be and use the repayment table to see how changes in the interest rate or Euribor could affect your instalments.
Variable-rate mortgage instalment calculator

Fixed-rate vs variable-rate mortgage calculator

Our mortgage calculator lets you compare the difference between paying for your mortgage at a fixed rate or a variable rate.
Calculated fixed-rate vs variable-rate mortgage

Calculate the type of house I can afford

I want to apply for a mortgage, but how big? We've created a calculator to help you do your sums. Work out the type of house you can buy by assessing and comparing your income and savings.
Calculate the type of house I can afford

Real estate portal

Looking to buy your own place? A flat or a house? Or maybe a cottage in the country? Check our real estate portal.
Go to real estate portal

Loan calculator

Need a personal loan? Want to know the monthly instalment? Find out by calculating it yourself.
Calculate loan