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To help them grow

Put in, done, written down.

Absolutely everything we know has been acquired through learning. From someone who has helped us, from a teacher, from a book, from an experience and undoubtely, more often than we care to remember, from a mistake. On this page we offer you resources and educational tools designed to teach you about that important area that we can also learn about: managing finances.

  • Vital, but basic concepts, such as the value of money.
  • Essential habits, like saving.
  • The relationship between effort and money.

Experimenting to learn

Read-only passwords

Read-only access to the account on the website and app. An entertaining way for children to learn how a bank account works, with the peace of mind of knowing they can't actually perform any transactions.

Card spending control

Using a card gives your children a sense of independence, but it's also secure because you're the one who sets and changes the limits whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Learning through play.

Money Town

A fun online game about financial literacy. This educational game will teach you basic concepts such as saving, spending and how to manage your money responsibly. Simulate personal financial situations and find out the consequences of your decisions. A game that is not only fun, but also free to play.