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Bk Discounts

The same thing for a better price.

That's Bk Discounts, a portal where you can access offers and discounts for the best brands and a whole range of products: fashion, travel, electronics, sport, shows ... Yet another reason to open a Bk Mini, Bk Youth or Bk Salary account.

  • Find whatever you need on the portal.
  • Choose your offer
  • And enjoy your discount

How do the discounts work?

Direct discount in stores

If you shop at a physical store, the discount is applied on the spot when you make your purchase.

Online direct discount

Shop at your chosen online store, enter the promotional code and the discount will be applied straightaway.

Bonus paid in to your piggy bank

Here's a novel option: put the discounts you get when you shop online in your personal piggy bank. You can transfer your savings to your current account whenever you want.
You will leave the domain when you click on the following link.

Bk: Bankinter's area for young people.

Do you only know about Bk Discounts? You will find a different way of working with your bank in our Bk Youth area - one that is simple and fuss free, with products designed for your needs.

Bk Youth

If you are between 18 and 24, this is an account with what you really need: free debit card, free transfers and no maintenance fees.
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Bk Salary

If you are between 18 and 30 and your salary is more than €500, now is the time to start thinking about demanding more from your money.
Find Out More about bk salary