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Investment Services (MiFID Regulations)

In January 2018, the current regulation came into force introducing the European Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments, known as MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), whose main objectives are to improve the transparency and supervision of financial markets and strengthen the protection of investors, with more demanding standards of conduct while creating a homogeneous framework in the European Union in terms of investment services, which improves the efficiency and integration of financial markets.

A high standard of transparency is established for this, including strict obligations regarding pre- and post-contractual information, controls of convenience and suitability of investments, execution of orders, incentives and management of conflicts of interest, among other measures.
Below, you can find the updated information that Bankinter provides to customers regarding the provision of investment services which it recommends you read.

Among the attached documents is the document “Information on investment products and services”, briefly detailing the most relevant aspects of this standard and information of interest on how we apply it at Bankinter. Other relevant documents are also made available, whose content and purpose are explained in them.

Finally, a series of links are included, through which current legislation can be consulted.

Relevant documentation

Investment products and services

Information about investment products and services


Conflict of interest

Information about managing conflicts of interest.

Conflict-of-interest management policy

Customer asset custody

Information regarding asset safeguarding

Safeguarding policy for financial instruments

Best execution

Information regarding the Best Execution of Orders.

Bankinter's order execution policy
Execution quality report 2023
Execution quality report 2022
Execution quality report 2021
Execution quality report 2020
Execution quality report 2019
Execution quality report 2018


Information on incentives received or paid by Bankinter in relation to the provision of investment services.


Investor protection

Discover your rights as an investor and the protection offered by the MiFID.


Classification and reclassification of customers

Information on the classification and reclassification of customers.

Customer classification and reclassification policy

Current legislation

  • - Law 6/2023 of 17 March on securities markets and investment services.

  • - Royal Decree 217/2008, 15 February, on the legal regime of investment services companies and other entities that provide investment services, which partially modifies the Regulation of Law 35/2003, 4 November, on Collective Investment Institutions, approved by Royal Decree 1309/2005, 4 November.

  • - Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565, April 25, 2016, which completes Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to the organisational requirements and operating conditions of investment services companies and the terms established for this Directive.

  • - Circular 7/2011, 12 December, from the National Securities Market Commission, on the information brochure for the rates and content of standard contracts.

Investment service agreements (MiFID)

Receipt, transmission and/or execution of orders (Trading)

Using this service, the customer can place orders for financial instrument operations to be transmitted to the Bank. This must be done clearly and precisely, via the means of communication provided in all the channels enabled by the bank for this purpose, without the bank intervening in the purchase/sale decision.

General terms and conditions of subscription and redemption of Investment Funds
General terms and conditions of deposit and management of Fixed Income securities
General terms and conditions of deposit and management of Equity securities

Investment advice

Customers will receive personalised recommendations on the financial instrument products that best suit their investment objectives from the Bank advisory service, either on a one-off or recurring basis, depending on the type of service or product contracted. To subscribe to this service, the customer will provide the Bank with their investment objectives and other relevant information to complete the service suitability questionnaire.


Discretional and individualised Portfolio management

Through the Discretionary Individualised Portfolio Management service, customers delegate investment decisions on a part of their assets to Bankinter, after selecting the portfolio that best suits their investment preferences.

Excellence Management – Investment Funds
Excellence Management – Multi-assets
Excellence Management – Selection
Excellence Management – Selection Plus
Delegated Investment – Investment Funds
Delegated investment – Securities
Delegated Investment – Pension Funds

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