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Professional groups

For each person, a different world.

A world with our unique characteristics, our personality, our vision of life. These differences are also manifested in the way in which our efforts are rewarded. Worlds that form part of our society and for which we also have solutions:

  • Collectives with concentrated non-recurring income.
  • Collectives that require more future planning for their resources.
  • Families that need to differentiate their wealth management from their business management.


Your talent, our inspiration.
When there's talent, there's a desire to create and leave a mark. At Bankinter Private Banking, that's what inspires us.


Your best brand.
The desire to excel underpins the entire philosophy of Bankinter Private Banking. High-performance banking to go the extra mile.

Religious institutions and foundations

Your values, our commitment.
We are committed to your needs and assets, and to our method for protecting it.

Family Office

Assets to preserve.
Global management, with the experience and initiative necessary to design a strategic family plan that takes into account all the financial and fiscal aspects.

Institutional customers

Great wealth needs a great bank.
We are where we are because we offer an agile, flexible and professional service, with experts committed to comprehensive asset management.

With a methodology based on balance

between financial goals, current resources and future needs.
  • Financial and tax planning

    Financial planning that takes into account different scenarios and risks when distributing assets between various investment vehicles.

  • Wealth management

    Wealth management that takes into account all your personal circumstances as well as your liquidity needs.

  • Achievement of goals

    Active monitoring of investments with periodic reviews and modification of portfolios to achieve your goals.

Estate planning adapted to your personal circumstances, in the present and the future:

Succession planning and donation of your family assets

Structures to facilitate investments and divestments

Optimisation of your personal income and wealth tax

Management of your wealth, family business and real estate assets

Succession planning and donation of your family assets

Study and proposals for assets located abroad

Information and application of taxation developments

Bankinter listens

A private banker will answer all your questions so that, as always, everything stays between you and us.

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