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Bankinter Luxembourg

The first again. Bankinter again.

In 2013 we became the first Spanish bank with a licence to operate in Luxembourg, the country with the highest credit rating from the three rating agencies.
bankinter luxemburgo
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Why Bankinter Luxembourg?

Through Bankinter Luxembourg you can access the main financial centres in the Eurozone, and with the best possible conditions.

Secure transactions

Bankinter Luxembourg allows geographical and political diversification as well as the custody of assets with maximum legal security. All in the country with the world’s highest GDP per capita: Luxembourg.

With the Bankinter service

You have direct access to the team in Luxembourg, with helpful tax information for Spanish residents.

With the best offer

Bankinter Luxembourg offers the most sophisticated products and investment vehicles with more advantageous conditions than other international banks.

A comprehensive strategy


Through our products

Combine your financial, tax and legal interests.

  • Multi-product account
  • Lombard credit

With our services

Because we offer two highly specialised models.

  • Delegated Management Service
    An expert investment management service that delegates decision making to the bank.
  • Private Advisory Service
    A service offering customised investment proposals, although customers ultimately decide whether to accept them or not.