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It's not all funds and deposits. And not all banks are Bankinter.


The services provided by our analysts and management experts will help you get the best return on your assets.


Customised investment

Recommendations to fit your investor profile and meet your needs at all times.

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Private advice

A specialised service for comprehensive wealth management: our experts will offer you the best recommendations, but you make the decisions.

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Delegated portfolios

Define your investor profile and delegate management of your investments to the experts.

Delegated Investment

Recommendations based on your investor profile and particular needs. You can now apply online for our pension plans and EPSVs.

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Delegated Wealth Management

Use this service if you want to delegate the management of part of your wealth. We'll always take your preferences and medium and/or long term goals into account.

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Structured products

Just because you don't want to compromise the invested capital doesn't mean you can't expect a
return on it.


A financial investment in the form of savings insurance that includes a life policy and allows you to choose the best model for your profile.

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Bankinter has the solution

We’re here to answer your banking queries and provide you with technical support.

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