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Private Advice

We make the recommendations but you make the decisions.

That's what our personalised private advisory service is all about: offering you expert investment recommendations tailored to your profile, needs and expectations, but leaving it up to you whether you follow them or not.

  • A service for those who want to make their own decisions but with expert advice.
  • With an advisory specialist to offer you customised proposals.
  • Continuous monitoring of your portfolio and the generation of investment ideas on a recurring basis.
  • Available for assets in excess of €2,000,000.

A personalised service with personal treatment.

Unique and exclusive advice

Advice based on your investment preferences that factors in variables such as risk, investment philosophy and the different financial instruments available.

  • Global planning based on both financial and tax criteria.
  • Backed by expert knowledge about the macroeconomic outlook for the markets and the different economic strategies.

You have full control over investment decisions

The final decision on whether or not to follow the recommendations of our team of experts will always be yours.

  • You'll receive regular reports to be able to monitor your investments and help you make up your mind about our recommendations.
  • Plus, you can propose investments yourself and our team of experts will assess them.

With our team of experts constantly by your side.

A team of experts with a thorough knowledge of the markets, a broad global vision and the vast local experience that enables them to identify the best investment opportunities for your objectives.

  • Your private banker.
  • An advisory specialist.
  • The team of experts from Bankinter Gestión de Activos.

The importance of an adviser

Having a trusted adviser by your side can help you make better decisions.

Personalised investment

Because it will always offer you a customised investment strategy, designed according to your objectives, needs and concerns as an investor.

Expert professionals

Only expert analysis and knowledge of the markets identifies the best investment opportunities. And only expert information gives you the clear sight you need to make the best decisions.

Recommendations based on objectivity

An advisory specialist will always be on hand to help you make measured, prudent and rational decisions in different market scenarios. Sensibly and objectively.

Bankinter has the solution

We’re here to answer your banking queries and provide you with technical support.

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