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The best investment? The one that fits your needs.

An advisory service to help you get more out of your money:

always according to your needs and interests - that's why it's customised.


Clear information

You can check the status of your customised investment on our website at any time, and every month we'll send you a statement so that you can track your investment.

You make the decisions

We'll make a personalised proposal based on the portfolios and recommendations from our analysts. But the decision is yours.

Continuous monitoring

We generate recommendations and alerts, and if we think it's advisable to abandon an investment we'll notify you straightaway and offer a more advantageous alternative.


Tell us what you need. We have more than 50 years of experience to help you.


Ver Features Features

Customised investment

  • The customised investment service is available to individuals.
  • From 9,000 euros.
  • The cost of the service is 0.5% per annum on the average balance. The fees are debited from the customer's account every quarter.
  • Cash, pension plans and investment funds can be contributed to customised investments.
  • You can apply for customised investment in the following products:
    • Investment funds
    • Equities: shares and ETFs
    • Pension plans


Can I make additional contributions?

Yes, whenever you want. You can contribute cash, investment funds or pension plans.

What transactions or enquiries can I make on the website?

Through the website you can:

  • View and accept recommendations.
  • Consult your monthly investment report.
  • Carry out partial redemptions.

Can I recover part of my investment whenever I want?

Yes, there is no problem—you can make partial redemptions whenever you want, and make use of your money. Customised Investment will check that these transactions do not significantly vary the risk of your investment, and if so, we will advise you to adjust the risk you have declared to us for this investment.

Can I accept a recommendation—but only part of the recommendation?

Yes, but in these cases you'll have to go to your branch.

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