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Investment funds

There is no better return on an investment than hope.

Invertir en oncología
Investment funds
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15 Nov 2022
Because if there exists a specialised branch of medicine that has traditionally required large investments, it is oncology. Investments needed to improve the mechanisms for cancer diagnosis, treatment and surgery. A disease in which life expectancy is increasing, but a disease that increasingly affects a greater number of people.

Why invest in this trend?

  • The increase in life expectancy will lead to an increase in cancer cases.
    In the vast majority of cases, cancer develops with age and, as life expectancy increases, the chances of suffering from this disease increase with it.
  • The development of emerging countries will generate new demands.
    Investment in health is a fundamental aspect in the economic and social development of countries. Regions that, as they grow, require more medicines and higher quality medical services and from which an increase in demand for oncology solutions is expected. A piece of data: The higher the GDP of a country, the higher its spending on health
  • Greater investment by governments.
    The saturation of health services throughout the pandemic has made governments aware of the need to gradually but constantly increase investments in health.
  • And the noblest of reasons:
    Invest in the possibility of a cure and improved treatment for the 40% of the population that, at some point in their lives, is expected to suffer from this disease.
Invest in oncology 1
We talk about cancer as a disease, but there are more than 100 different diseases: Solid tumours such as those of the breast, lung, skin or kidney and blood cancers such as lymphomas or leukaemia.
83% of survival improvements in cancer are attributed to the development of new treatments.
  • But the best treatment is still an early diagnosis of the disease.
    The early detection of cancer is of vital importance for its subsequent treatment. The use of new technologies for early diagnosis, such as liquid biopsy, the development of kits to detect circulating tumour DNA, advanced diagnostic imaging, as well as artificial intelligence have proven to be of great help in the early detection and treatment of cancer patients.
Invest in oncology 2

Figures we would prefer not to publish:

  • Cancer is the second cause of death worldwide and the first in many developed countries.
  • The ageing of the world population is expected to cause global deaths due to cancer to increase from 9.5 million to 16.5 million, which is 72% more.

Cancer incidence by age

Sources: National Institute of Health (NIH), World Health Organisation (WHO), Cancer Research UK, *Biomedtracker and Candriam Research

The investment universe is focused on listed companies that offer a significant contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

  • Diagnosis and research.
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
  • Medical technology.
  • Big data and artificial intelligence.

What do the experts think?

The combination of the economic benefits that employing circular practices entails for companies, together with consumers who are more aware of the impact of their habits, is driving the demand for more sustainable products.

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