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Taking out this insurance takes is as quick as having a cup of coffee.

With a single insured amount: €50,000 for death or disability, and double indemnity for accidental death.
Seguro de vida express

A single insured capital sum: 50.000€

A very complete insurance product with a single insured amount: €50,000 in the event of death or invalidity and double the capital in the event of accidental death.

Complementary to your current policy

Express insurance is an excellent complement to your current life and/or accident insurance: in the event of a claim, the beneficiary will receive the corresponding compensation based on the guarantees insured in the different policies you hold.

With the Bankinter Quality programme

A programme included in all of our insurance products that offers services for prevention and improved well-being: 24/7 medical guidance, healthy habits, second medical opinion, etc.

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Express Insurance cover

Death: €50,000.

  • The guarantee will be valid until the insured reaches 70 years of age.

Absolute and permanent disability: €50,000.

  • The guarantee will expire when the insured reaches 67 years of age.

Additional capital in the case of accidental death: €100,000.

  • The guarantee will expire when the insured reaches 65 years of age.

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Terms and conditions of the insurance

Be between 18 and 55 years old.

Be an individual person resident in Spain.


Can I have several life insurance policies?

Yes, you can have as many life insurance policies as you want. And all will be collected in the event of a claim.

Can I name beneficiaries for my life insurance policy?

Yes, you can name as many beneficiaries as you wish and change them at any time.

How would my family know that I have arranged life insurance?

There is a public registry of life insurance that enables beneficiaries to identify all of the deceased's current life insurance policies.

What is the duration of the life insurance policy?

The insurance contract lasts for one year and is automatically extended unless otherwise indicated. The contract can be cancelled at any time once the first twelve months have passed, by giving one month's notice.

Could the insurer rescind the insurance if I get sick?

The policy excludes claims resulting from an illness or accident that were known to the insured before the insurance entered into force and that were not reported to the insurer on the health questionnaire included in the application for analysis and possible acceptance by the insurance company.

In accordance with Law 50/1980 of 8 October on Insurance Contracts, during the term of the contract the policyholder or the insured must notify the insurance company as soon as possible of any changes in the factors and circumstances declared in this insurance questionnaire that may aggravate the risk and are of such a nature that, if they had been known by the insurance company when executing the contract, the company would not have entered into it or would have issued it under far harsher terms and conditions.

However, in accordance with the same law, in the insurance of people the policyholder or the insured have no obligation to report any changes in the circumstances relating to the insured's state of health, which in no case will be considered an aggravation of the risk.

Can I increase or decrease the guarantees contracted under my life insurance?

In this case, no. As fixed capital is insured under this insurance, it cannot be changed.

When should a death or accident be reported?

By law, this must be reported within seven days of the incident or it becoming known.

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