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Car insurance

Want to know why Linea Directa is a leading car insurer?

More than protection. There are plenty of companies and policies, but only Línea Directa combines the best coverage with the best customer service.
Seguro de auto - línea directa aseguradora

24/7 assistance

If the unexpected happens while you're on the road, you can rely on Línea Directa to take care of both your vehicle and its occupants whenever and wherever.

Recommended garages

These garages fulfil the quality criteria of Línea Directa. They pick up your car wherever you want and, once it's repaired, they deliver it to your home, cleaned and vacuumed.

Choose your garage

You are free to choose a garage you know and trust.

Replacement vehicle

We recommend you pay a tiny bit more and take out this additional guarantee for a replacement vehicle in case of theft or accident.

Traffic fine management

Línea Directa will handle appeals for any fines you contest. And if you lose all your points, Línea Directa will cover the cost of a speed awareness course and the fee for recovering your licence, up to a maximum of €500.

Legal advice over the phone

Línea Directa has a team of more than 250 lawyers to answer legal and documentary queries over the phone, up to a maximum of €500.

Insurance plans for individuals

Seguro para coches

Prices for cars

A flexible proposal which is shaped to your needs.

Available for passenger cars, all-terrain vehicles and vans weighing up to 3,500 kg.

CALCULATE YOUR PRICE about Prices for cars
Seguro para motos

Prices for motorbikes

Bankinter helps you choose the best type for you and your motorbike.

You can also include motorbikes and quads in your Línea Directa car insurance.

CALCULATE YOUR PRICE about calculate Prices for motorbikes

Insurance for sole traders and entrepreneurs

Seguro para automóviles para empresas y autónomos

Bankinter will advise you on cover to meet your business needs.

More services


Unlike other companies, Línea Directa lets you report claims by telephone or online.

Spread the cost

If it's more convenient, you can pay your insurance premium in instalments.

See Cover Cover

Línea Directa offers three types of insurance with different types of cover:

Third party insurance:

  • Covers the physical and material damage that a driver might cause to a third party, regardless of who is at fault.

Extended third party insurance:

  • This insurance also includes repair of windscreens, fire and theft, compared to third party insurance.

Comprehensive insurance:

  • The most complete insurance. This covers damage to the insured vehicle and personal and material damage to a third party.


Can I temporarily suspend my insurance policy?

The policies have an annual duration and they cannot be suspended. According to Spanish law, a vehicle must be insured even if it is not being used on public roads.

Can I split my insurance payment?

Yes, with Línea Directa you can pay in a number of different ways, whichever is most convenient for you.

What is the excess?

It is an option that allows you to bring down the price of the insurance, where you can cover part of the risk yourself.

What is Compulsory Third-Party Liability?

All car drivers and owners must have taken out this cover as part of their insurance policy (it is legally mandatory). If you are involved in a traffic accident, any possible bodily or material damage you may have caused to third parties will be covered by the Compulsory Third-Party Liability.

What is Voluntary Third-Party Liability?

Voluntary Third-Party Liability is an extension of Compulsory Third-Party Liability by insurance companies to cover damages that are over the maximum amount imposed by law to cover third parties' expenses in the event of an accident.

Can I take out the replacement vehicle cover with any policy model?

Yes, and we think it's highly recommended. That way, you can ensure that whatever happens, you will have a means to travel if you could not use your vehicle. You can have a replacement vehicle for five days if you have an accident, 15 days for total loss and 30 days if your vehicle is stolen.

Can the fine management service be included in vehicle insurance policies?

Yes, it is included as an optional guarantee on all policies. If it is included, Línea Directa will be responsible for appealing your fines, both fines published in official gazettes and fines due to violations committed after taking out your insurance. If you lose all the points on your licence, Línea Directa will pay up to a limit of €500 of the price of the road awareness and re-education course, as well as the test fees to recover your driving licence.

What does the legal service guarantee?

If you are a Línea Directa policyholder, then you can contact a specialised lawyer by telephone or email to advise you on legal questions and doubts and claims that may arise. You will be able to ask questions about housing, family issues, tax matters, any doubts about the vehicle, administrative procedures or typical situations that crop up daily.

Does the 24-hour helpdesk work abroad?

Yes, it will there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

What is the mechanical assistance service?

It is a service that you can include within your travel assistance cover, as long as it is not a motorcycle. You can receive expert technical and mechanical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by telephone. Here are some examples:

- Mechanical assistance:
if a light suddenly starts flashing on your dashboard, we will help you interpret it, and if your vehicle breaks down, we will arrange a prior appointment at one of the mechanics' workshops.

- Technical advice:
from offering you an estimate for the mechanical repair in the garages from our network or a second opinion on an estimate given by the insured party; to even collect and deliver the vehicle at the selected workshop from our network, if this is within a maximum distance of 5 km from your home.

- Comprehensive vehicle maintenance programme:
Línea Directa keeps track of the check-ups scheduled by your car manufacturer, informing you via e-mail.

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