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If all you see here is a road, this is your insurance policy

An accident insurance policy designed for people who spend a lot of time on the road: travelling by motorbike or car.
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Protection for you and your loved ones

It has two guarantees: one for death and another for total permanent disability.

By car or motorbike

A policy that protects you on your travels when your vehicle is for private use and doesn't have more than nine seats.


See Cover Cover

Traffic protection insurance policy: cover

There are two cover models, depending on the number of insured parties: a single insured party, or insured party and spouse.

One insured party

  • Death by accident: €125,000.
  • Absolute and permanent disability: €250,000.
  • Annual premium: €118.22.
  • Quarterly premium: first quarter €30.74/ other quarters €30.74.

Insured party and spouse

  • Death by accident: €65,000.
  • Absolute and permanent disability: €130,000.
  • Annual premium: €118.27.
  • Quarterly premium: first quarter €30.79/ other quarters €30.74.

See Terms and conditions Terms and conditions

Traffic protection insurance policy: terms and conditions

Traffic accident protection insurance is available for persons under 64 years of age.

The age limit for cover is 65 years.

No medical examination is needed.


What is an accident?

A violent, sudden, external event outside the intentions of the insured leading to their death or absolute and permanent disability that is not considered a traffic accident.

What is a traffic accident?

Any accident that takes place on public roads involving a motorised vehicle or a motorcycle that is in operation that leads to the death or absolute and permanent disability of the insured person.

When is disability considered absolute and permanent?

This refers to the total, permanent and irreversible disability of the insured person to perform any type of work, trade or remunerated activity. Any type of disability must be determined by a judge, through a ruling by the competent employment body.

Can I take out accident insurance if I already have life insurance?

They are complementary policies. The main insurance in some life insurance policies can be supplemented with additional coverage for accidents. The additional cost is usually low and the capital insured can double or treble the capital contracted.

Can I deduct the premiums in my tax declaration?

No, the premiums paid for accident insurance are not tax deductible.

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