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Financial Dictionary - Quartile


It is used to see what position the fund has in terms of return obtained compared to other comparable funds.

Quartiles represent sets of 25% of the funds in the total list of funds of a specific category, grouped according to descending profitability. This means that the first quartile comprises 25% of the best funds with the highest profitability, ordered from highest to lowest, and so on and so forth with the second, third and fourth quartiles. Occasionally, larger partitions are used, such as deciles (10%) and centiles (100%).

We can use this criterion to compare how long a fund remains in each quartile, and also its regularity in the ranking.

Funds that have remained in the first quartile, i.e. among the top positions in their group, have shown that their performance is significantly better than average.

While funds which have been regularly stayed in the third or fourth quartile will have displayed a below average performance.

Experts observe how long funds spend in each quartile to check if their performance is optimal.

The periods analysed within each quartile must be longer than one year so as to be able to use this information as a reliable reference.


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