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Financial Dictionary - Planning certificate

Planning certificate

The planning certificate is an official document that certifies the urban circumstances of a property, a plot of land or a parcel of land in a municipality. meaning it is a technical report that contains the town planning details of the building where our home is located. These characteristics and circumstances are established according to the land use planning, and in accordance with its development program.

When dealing with property issues, questions may come up about the legal requirements for our home or future home. There are a lot of rules about plots of land or properties, rules which we normally might not be aware of. Perhaps we can ask our local council to explain what it is we don't understand; if the question is quite difficult, a housing officer might be able to explain it to us.

We apply for this certificate in the mayor's office of our municipality (where our home is located). the council may also ask a construction company building homes to present this certificate. The certificate will be for information purposes only and will not confer any rights on the applicant, nor will it alter the rights and obligations of the property in terms of urban legislation. If an error is made, however, we will be able to claim for damages against the council.

Which are the town planning details?

Town planning details are the details which give us information about:

  • The registration data of the property
  • Its location
  • Its limits
  • Its dimensions and shape
  • Its volume and measurements
  • Its facilities, buildings and uses
  • Its subsoil and easements
  • The qualification and classification of the land
  • The degree of protection that a building may have
  • etc.

When filling in the application form, we will have to provide these details, as long as we know them.

How do I apply for the planning certificate?

  • First of all, we will have to access the Property Register web site and download the form for descriptive and graphical consultation of property registry data.
  • We will then go to the town planning office of our local council, fill in the application form for the planning certificate, pay the self-assessment form (or letter of payment) and present all the documentation at the registry office.
  • Once the application process is completed, we can pick up this technical report (it usually takes fifteen days).

To do so, and assuming we are individual persons, we will need to take our identity card; or the tax identification code (CIF), deed of incorporation; and DNI and accrediting document of the representative of the legal entity, if we are a legal entity.


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