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Financial Dictionary - IBAN


IBAN is the acronym of International Bank Account Number. It is a unique code that identifies every single current account in the 34 countries that belong to the single euro payment area (SEPA).

The IBAN cannot be used to order transfers outside the SEPA zone. For this, you would also need to know the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of the destination bank.

The IBAN is an alphanumeric code, unlike the Customer Account Code which only contains number.

The IBAN is made up of:

  • Country code (2 digits)
  • Control code (2 digits)
    • Bank code (4 digits)
    • Branch code (4 digits)
    • Control code (2 digits)
    • Customer account code (10 digits)

You can find the IBAN in your bank's app, in your personal area of the bank's website, or on any bank statement. You can find it

The IBAN allows you to make payments or order transfers to any of the 34 countries that are currently part of the SEPA zone in the same way as if you were making a national payment or transfer.