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Financial Dictionary - Certificate of zero outstanding debt

Certificate of zero outstanding debt

Certificates of zero outstanding debt are documents that show you no longer have a mortgage with the bank or financial institution. They are usually requested when we have just paid off the mortgage and want to remove it from the Land Registry.

Now we know what a certificate of zero outstanding debt is, the next questions usually are: Do you have to remove the mortgage from the Land Registry? Where do I get or administer a certificate of zero outstanding debt?

Here are the answers to all of these questions:

  • Do I have to cancel the mortgage in the Land Registry? This is not necessary, in general. However, it is highly recommended to save paperwork in the future, such as, for example, when buying and selling the property or if you want to apply for a new mortgage. If you want to sell the property to another person, you must provide the certificate to the new owner for the sale to go through and be registered with the Land Registry.
  • Where do I get or arrange a certificate of zero outstanding debt? Certificates showing that you have no outstanding debts with a bank or financial institution are issued by these entities, certifying the current situation of the loan. Once you have the certificate, the next step is to go to a notary and declare that the loan has been repaid legally, in the presence of a representative of the bank or entity.

Banks and financial institutions are obliged to certify zero debt at no cost to their customers.


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