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What are the benefits of a salary account for civil servants?

Salary account

The salary account is one of the products that banks adapt to the specific profile of civil servants, complementing them with advantages and special discounts for the mere fact of being state workers. But let's go to the beginning. When arranging a financial product, the more stable and secure your source of income is, the easier it will be. For this reason, some groups, such as civil servants, benefit from multiple facilities that banks provide them: their financial stability makes them the perfect candidates for banks, who design especially attractive offers to win them over. These products and services offer specific advantages according to their profile of good payers, since the bank ensures that they will safely comply with the conditions.

These include consumer loans with lower interest rates (NIR and APR); mortgage loans with more competitive rates, greater financing (there are some that even finance up to 100% of the purchase value) or less binding; or certain salary accounts with no fee cards and exclusive discounts.

In short, an extensive range that allows civil servants to directly enjoy benefits maintained over time by having their salary paid into the account; this also places them in a privileged position when it comes to negotiating with their banks, due to the fact that they are a public that is highly sought by banks.

And now, let's go back to salary accounts. First of all, it should be noted that there are arrangement requirements for the general public: being of legal age and having a minimum amount (not very much) to initially open the account. In addition, as customers we must inform our payers that they must arrange for their salary to be paid into the account as soon as they open it. Apart from these basic requirements, every bank will establish their own conditions, be it a certain permanence, a certain initial income, a minimum expense of the associated card... And if you are moving from a different salary account, you should carefully review the conditions of permanence and the possible expenses and penalties that the change may entail.

However; if these accounts are for civil servants, it should be noted that, by the mere fact of receiving a salary subject to little change, it is most likely that they automatically meet the conditions associated with these accounts. These products will allow them to control their operations and daily management (issuance or deposit of cheques, transfers, direct debits, salary advances and debit and credit cards, among other services). They also receive a higher return from their salary or pension and their deposited assets.

In addition, it is common for banks to offer them additional benefits and civil servant discounts, such as waiving fees for cash withdrawal; for card issuances; for bounced bills; for cheque deposits; or for transfers in the SEPA area. They will also give them other bonuses and discounts in shops, petrol stations and leisure businesses.


Muface is the General Mutual Fund for Civil Servants of the State; a public body that manages social benefits of Spanish civil servants (health, pensions, etc.). Muface is a special regime independent of the general social security regime, and some banks offer this specific group of civil servants their own salary accounts and discounts.


Salary account

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