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This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 represents the least risk and 6/6 the greatest risk.
Bankinter, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions of Spain. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this Fund is 100,000 euros per depositor per institution.
The redemption, surrender and early withdrawal of part or all of the principal invested are subject to fees or penalties.
When you open an account in a currency other than the euro, please take into account the exchange-rate risk associated with the currency.


If you receive and make payments in foreign currency, how come you don't have a foreign currency account?



No currency conversion fees

You won't pay any conversion fees for sending or receiving funds in the same currency, which you would have to do with a traditional account.

No worries

You won’t need to keep track of fluctuations in the exchange rate.

No conditions

There are no strings attached to our currency account, and you don't have to maintain a minimum balance either.

More services, more advantages

Discover the currencies in which you can open a current account.

  • bandera reino unido Pound sterling - GBP (£)
  • bandera estados unidos US dollar - USD ($)
  • bandera canadá Canadian dollar - CAD (C$)
  • bandera suiza Swiss franc - CHF (Fr., SFr.)
  • bandera suecia Swedish krona - SEK (kr)
  • bandera noruega Norwegian krone - NOK (kr)
  • bandera dinamarca Danish krone - DKK (kr)
  • bandera japón Japanese yen - JPY (¥)
  • bandera australia Australian dollar - AUD ($, A$)
  • bandera china Chinese yuan - CNY (¥)
  • bandera marruecos Moroccan dirham - MAD (درهم)
  • bandera república checa Czech koruna - CZK (Kč)
  • bandera nueva zelanda New Zealand dollar - NZD (NZ$)
  • bandera hong kong Hong Kong dollar - HKD (HK$)
  • bandera hungría Hungarian forint - HUF (Ft)
  • bandera islandia Icelandic krona - ISK (kr, Íkr)
  • India Indian rupee - INR (₹)
  • bandera méxico Mexican peso - MXN ($)
  • bandera polonia Zloty - PLN (zł)
  • bandera arabia saudí Saudi riyal - SAR (ر.س, SR)
  • bandera singapur Singapore dollar - SGD (S$)
  • bandera sudáfrica South African rand - ZAR (R)
  • bandera tailandia Thai baht - THB (฿)
  • bandera turquía Turkish lira - TRY (TL)
  • bandera qatar Qatar riyal - QAR (QR, ر.ق)
  • Rumanía Romanian leu - LEU

What conditions must I meet to open a Currency Account?

  • You can contract a currency current account if you are an individual who is resident or non-resident in Spain.
  • The currency current account has absolute liquidity.
  • The currency current account has an annual maintenance fee of €45, paid every six months.
  • This account yields 0% annual nominal interest (-0.90% AER / -1.50% AER)

What are the fees for the Currency Account?

  • Annual nominal interest rate of 0% (0.90% AER / 1.50% AER) with an account maintenance fee of €45.00/year (€22.50/half-year), which will lead to variations in the AER as a result of variations in the average balance of the account. Here are two examples: NIR 0% (AER 0.90%) calculated for a daily balance of €5,000 kept for one year, without any interest payment and with a maintenance fee for the stated amount. NIR 0% (AER 1.50%) calculated for a daily balance of €3,000 kept for one year, without any interest payment and with a maintenance fee for the stated amount. Always bear in mind the foreign exchange rate risk when you open a non-euro current account.


Which is the best account for me?

Use our bank account comparison tool to choose the best account for your needs.
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What cards are associated with the Payroll Account?

If you open your Bankinter Salary Account online, you can choose between a debit card or a credit card. Want to know more?
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Do you have a salary and wish to open a no fees account?

Open your fee-free Salary Account in 5 easy steps. And get up to €680 the first year!
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Can I request a card or pay by direct debit?

No. Cards and bills can easily be linked to a euro account, but not to a currency account.

How can I get my money?

The currency current account gives you a cheque book. You can withdraw funds using it, or through any of our branches.

Can I work with several currencies?

Each account is set up for a particular currency; if you work with more than one currency, you can open more than one account.

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