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European Funds FAQs

Will there be a national one-stop shop where projects can be submitted? Is there a single register where you can find the open windows and/or the projects submitted?

The Ministries and Autonomous Communities will publish their calls independently, and interested parties will have to submit their projects in the calls they are interested in. However, the central administration will set the criteria to be met by the Ministries and Autonomous Regions to ensure that the milestones and targets agreed with the EU are met.

The Government will also set up a website that will centralise all funds-related information. The Chamber of Commerce currently has a platform ( with information on open funding windows, and the CEOE has announced that it will include this feature in its European funding information website (

At the moment there is no single register of projects. However, the government will create a register of companies interested in taking part in the PERTEs: it has not specified if it will be made public, but it is expected that it will publish the PERTEs under way that companies can join.


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