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Investment fund plan

A long-distance race for your funds.

A race in which you set your own goal. How to achieve it? With a good strategy and, above all, a step-by-step approach. In other words, investing little by little, but constantly.

  • An investment plan to achieve your goal without changing your lifestyle.
  • You do not need to deposit a large initial sum, you can start investing from as little as €20.

The value of investment funds can fall as well as rise, so you may get back less than you invested.

Plan de inversión en fondos
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A career, a goal and a strategy

Here are a few tips to help you achieve your goals more easily.
Consejos para un plan de inversión en fondos
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Give your plan a name

Travelling around the world, safety, retirement, university, children, etc. It will stimulate you and you will remember the goal and reason for your plan. You already know that money is what is behind it.

Invest effortlessly

Or with very little effort. Calculate your savings capacity and define the amount that you can contribute regularly without changing your lifestyle and not worrying about whether it is a small amount.

Be constant

What is most important is to keep committed to your goals. Remember: this is a long-distance race, think about your objective and your goal.

And always with a smile on your face!

On some months, unforeseen events may not make it possible for you to make your contribution. No problem, simply adapt your plan. And, in the same way, you can also invest more when you have a little extra cash.

Why wait until tomorrow? Start investing today.

Going to the gym, quitting smoking, taking English classes, etc. As any long-term project, you need a "“D”-Day". And what better day than today to start? To start investing in funds, all you need is the desire, a goal and a minimum initial deposit of €20.

  • Choose the amount and frequency of your contributions.
  • Whenever you want, you can reconfigure your investment plan, from your computer or from your mobile phone.

Planificar aportaciones de fondos
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