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Financial Dictionary - Registry verification

Registry verification

What is a verified land registry notification?

The registration verification of a property is a verification of the circumstances of the house that we are going to buy. To obtain it, a query is made to the Property Registry and the home information, the status and the ownership is verified as coinciding with those provided by the seller, and above all, that it is free of embargos (that it is not mortgaged).

In reality, requesting this verification is a very simple procedure which is highly recommended, since the purchase of a home is a complex transaction that involves a great deal of responsibility, you have to be certain and take certain measures before taking the step to avoid subsequent surprises.

In addition, the verification may include a certificate that validates the property information with third parties, even before a court.

How do we request it and what information will we have to provide?

To request registration verification, first of all we will have to know which registry our home appears in, and then review the property records and request our report, as a simple or certified notification.

The information that we will have to provide is the property owner's identity; the property's identifying information (for example, its physical address, or its characteristics); the plot information (for example, the related property or registration number); and in general any other information that may be useful (such as the land registry reference number of the property or its previous owner).

Registry verification and simple notification: Is it the same?

Although they are very similar documents, there are some differences.

First of all, the two have almost the same information: identifiers and description, ownership, potential embargos, liens or mortgages…. Additionally, both are obtained directly from the Property Registry, and both require that the applicant validate their legitimate interest.

But although the simple notification is purely informative and contains more limited information (relative to owners, rights and embargos), the registration verification being signed by the registrar, which attests to the content of the Registry and also contains more extensive information, relating for example to previous owners and previously existing rights. In addition, as we have pointed out previously, verified notification has evidentiary value with respect to third parties, legal entities, courts, institutions and public bodies.

And the location note?

It is a third document. Official, issued by the College of Registrars. This document reflects the assets or rights that a natural or legal person has registered.


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