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Financial Dictionary - No fee accounts

No fee accounts

As the name suggests, a no fee account is one that does not charge any fees for the administration or maintenance of the account. Nor does it usually carry costs associated with daily operations, such as transfers and payments, card maintenance, cheque issuance, etc.

There are many accounts that do not have fees; Let's take a look at them according to three criteria:

According to the customer's activity

This category includes accounts for retirees and pensioners, and salary accounts for civil servants. These people are particularly attractive to banks, since the frequency and regularity of their income make them safe and stable customers. Fee exemption is the main attraction of these accounts, regardless of whether they may also offer other additional benefits.

This category also includes certain shared cost accounts; some currency accounts and of course, salary accounts; those that, in exchange for having salaries or pensions paid directly into them, provide additional advantages, such as the option of setting up direct debits for water, electricity, internet, telephone and gas bills; making transfers and payments; associating debit and credit cards; withdrawing cash from ATMs and branches; and making transactions and managing them online. And above all, having a zero or very low fee system, in particular for maintenance and administration, as well as for transfers, issuance fees and card renewals.

According to age

This category covers children's accounts: bank accounts to educate and encourage savings, and to start children off in the world of finances. As we said, these accounts do not have any associated fees (administration, maintenance, or for making transfers from the account of the minor's legal guardians).

According to the channel through which the account was opened

Finally, this category includes online accounts which, although they are not strictly a type of account, are conveniently managed from computers or mobile phones without having to visit a branch. They do not usually involve fees either.

These are the main accounts that do not charge fees, although each bank will have its own specific offers. As we always say, when choosing an account it is important to study all the options, compare them, choose the one that best suits you and, once again, check the conditions and requirements before taking the step.

At the other end of the spectrum are accounts such as savings and interest-bearing accounts, which will charge fees.


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