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Financial Dictionary - INVERCO


INVERCO is the Spanish Association of Collective Investment Institutions and Pension Funds. As its name suggests, it brings together all collective investment entities. 

It is a non-profit, charitable and educational association made up of the institutions that manage Spanish collective investment (funds and investment companies), Spanish pension funds and all foreign collective investment institutions that are filed with the CNMV.

INVERCO is also a member of other international organisations, at which it helps draw up joint reports and holds representative seats on the councils and assemblies that regulate them: EFAMA, Pensions Europe, FIAP, IIFA, FIAFIN and WPA.

INVERCO fulfils an important function for investors because it uses the information gathered by its member institutions to produce regular publications on a variety of topics related to the industry: data on the monthly and quarterly performance of investment funds and pension funds; individual and aggregated information on net asset values, returns, subscriptions by unitholders and their assets, etc. Of particular note are the reports on the financial savings of Spanish households and on the profile of savers in Spain, as well as those containing up-to-date figures on investment in CIIs and pension funds. As we mentioned earlier, these reports are immensely valuable, as they show the monthly and quarterly performance of investment and pension funds. All this information makes up a huge statistical database that is of huge value to investors.

What are Collective Investment Institutions (CIIs)?

Collective Investment Institutions (CIIs) are undertakings that raise funds, rights or assets from the public and then invest and manage them jointly in both financial and non-financial assets.  

What does INVERCO do? 

It fulfils the following functions:

  • Represents the interests of its member institutions before public bodies. 
  • Advises on ensures due legal protection and control of any administrative changes that occur. 
  • Compiles information on all the collective investment products that its member institutions work with. 
  • Draws up reports and statistics, and remains in contact with the press and media to disseminate this information. 
  • Plays an important role when it comes to financial literacy by staging a variety of courses and seminars, thus promoting a culture of saving and investment.  
  • Builds and fosters relationships with other Spanish and foreign entities.  Takes part in national and international business organisations. 
  • And cooperates with consumer and user organisations in a bid to ensure the transparency of all the information that is made public.


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