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Financial Dictionary - Deposit fee

Deposit fee

Fee received by the depositary of an investment fund for its depositary and custodian services. Only authorised entities may perform this service.

The depositories not only safeguard and manage the securities that make up the investment fund's portfolio - they are also responsible for monitoring and supervising the management of the UCITS manager. A depositary cannot be a fund manager at the same time, and it needs to be authorised by the Spanish Securities Market Commission (CNMV) to carry out its activity.

The deposit or custody fee is deducted daily from the fund's net asset value and is therefore already included in the price. All the types of fee which can be charged and their maximum amounts are set out in the fund prospectus. These prospectuses are public and are registered with the CNMV.

This fee cannot exceed 2 per thousand per year of the assets, as described in Royal Decree 1082/2012. Article 5.5 specifies that “In financial investment funds, the depositary's fee may not exceed two per 1,000 of the assets per year. The depositary will charge this fee for carrying out all the functions assigned to it by the regulations. The funds cannot bear additional costs if the depositary has delegated any of these functions to third parties.”

In exceptional cases, where depositaries who are mainly required to perform their duties abroad have been authorised by the CNMV, this limit may be exceeded.


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