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Financial Dictionary - Collective investment undertakings

Collective investment undertakings

Investment funds are collective investment instruments that pool the capital (units) contributed by a group of individuals (unit holders). The entry (subscription) or exit (redemption) of investors' capital and variations in the value of the assets in which the fund invests mean that a fund's assets can increase but also decrease.

A fund's assets will change for two reasons: The funds are managed by a managing entity—in this case, Bankinter Asset Management—which identifies investment opportunities based on the strategy previously established in the investment policy of each fund (level of risk and markets in which it can invest).

What really sets funds apart from other investment products is that they provide private investors with a gateway to markets and investment options that are usually restricted to major investors.

We offer a wide range of funds for all investor profiles: defensive, conservative, moderate, dynamic and aggressive. It's very important to bear in mind your risk profile when choosing a fund. With any investment fund, even the most conservative ones, there is always a risk of losing your capital.

Types of investment fund

  • Fixed income funds: Fixed income funds invest in the debt that governments, public administrations and national or international companies issue to finance themselves, such as bonds, debentures, corporate debt and so on.
  • Equity funds: Equity funds invest more than 75% of their assets in variable income financial assets, such as shares, listed companies, stock indices, etc.
  • Mixed funds: These invest in fixed income and equities. Each fund has its own investment strategy, varying the percentages of capital invested in fixed income and equities.
  • Money market funds: These funds invest in the money market, such as treasury bills and bonds, etc., in the very short term.
  • Guaranteed funds: Guaranteed funds are a type of fund that guarantees total or partial return of the initial investment on a specific date. These funds are not always available. Please check availability with the Bank.


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