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What pension plan fits each profile?

Every pension plan has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as being aimed at a specific profile, although ideally you should diversify your investment between different plans with different features.

Guaranteed pension plans

These are aimed at conservative profiles, people who want to preserve their savings without any risk, even if the return is very small. This type of pension plan is particularly suited to those nearing retirement. The main advantage is that all the invested capital is recovered, while the disadvantage is the low return.

Fixed-income pension plans

These plans are suited to the most conservative profiles, although in this case there is a margin for the investment to grow. People over the age 50 in the last decade or so of their working life are the ideal candidates. The risk is lower than in other types of pension plans, but the return varies depending on the type of fixed income.

Unit-linked pension plans

These are designed for aggressive profiles, i.e. those for whom retirement is a distant spot on the horizon and who are willing to take risks to see their money grow.

Mixed pension plans

These are aimed at people with a variable risk profile, mainly investors between the ages of 45 and 55 who are looking for an intermediate risk between a fixed-income plan and a unit-linked one and are happy to diversity. These plans invest in the stock market, which entails a certain risk, but they can deliver higher returns.

At Bankinter we have pension plans for every type of investor. Check our range and decide which one you identify with and which one best suits your needs, based on your age and profile. And if you have any questions, use our pension plan calculator to discover which products fit your investor profile. 


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