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Can Bizum be used with two banks?

Can I use Bizum at two different banks?

As we know, Bizum is an app for sending and receiving money between individuals via mobile phone, instantly, with no charge. Its success lies in the transaction's speed, comfort and absolute security, since you don't need to enter the account numbers or the IBAN code.

Once our phone number is associated with our bank account, then as long as we have the recipient in our contacts, we can transfer them money, just like sending a WhatsApp message.

This initiative arose in 2016, when several banks decided to partner in order to respond to the market activity of other fintech companies. Today there are a total of 26 entities, each one with its own iOS and Android compatible application. In order to activate it, we just download our bank's app, which will be compatible with it. Today, and especially last year, this application gained even more users, as the pandemic contributed to reducing the circulation of cash. In short, it is a very convenient tool when it comes to sharing expenses, giving a joint gift, when several people are paying in a restaurant or, in general, for small transfers. Amounts between 50 cents and €1,000 can be transferred to up to 30 recipients at a time; the only requirement is that both the sender and the receiver have the app. Additionally, this app already allows you to pay at online shops and restaurants, and even donate to NGOs.

But since it is an application which is included within the participating banks' apps (that is, since it is an external and separate application that the entities use), the question arises as to whether it will be possible to use the app with the same mobile device and linked to two different accounts. And the answer is no: it only works with one entity. It does allow us to change entities as many times as we need; In this way, the app will link one account number or another and one IBAN or the other, but it will not allow us to link several entities simultaneously.

However, it is possible if you add a second SIM card to the phone, and therefore have two phone numbers on the same device. In this way, we can indeed have two accounts, with each assigned to a different number.

Is it possible to change the Bizum entity?

If we have Bizum with a bank and we want to register it in a different one, while keeping the same number, we simply have to carry out a portability process. The new bank will submit a request to the original bank based on our decision to change the provider; it's that simple.

Can you change accounts when using Bizum?

If we want to change the account that is linked for sending and receiving transfers from another account, we just log into the app of the entity where we want to register our Bizum; access the application section and see the option to start registration; we just register our mobile number and that's it: linked account has been changed!

And now: Can the same account have two numbers linked with it?

This is convenient when for example a bank account is shared. If, for example, one that we share with our partner, we can both register the application by linking both numbers with the same account.


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