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Jobs that make a difference.

Do you love art? Are you passionate about sport? Jobs that cannot be understood without the emotion and commitment of those who perform them. Different jobs, with different financial needs:
  • Professionals with concentrated and non-recurring income.
  • Professionals who, like everyone else, want to maintain their standard of living.
Artistas y deportistas
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 Planificación financiera
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A financial planning proposal adapted to two sectors of activity, with specific and particular circumstances: artists and athletes.

Through a methodology based on a balance between financial objectives, current resources and future requirements

Customer analysis

An analysis that looks at how income evolves throughout a person's working life, from their resources at this moment in time to the resources they will need in the future.

Financial and tax planning

Financial planning that analyses and assesses the different scenarios and risks when diversifying assets via the appropriate investment vehicles for each situation.

Wealth management

Asset management that takes into account every single specific and essential condition, as well as possible liquidity requirements.

Achievement of goals

Active monitoring of investments with periodic reviews and modification of portfolios to achieve your goals.

With estate planning adapted to personal situations, both present and future:

  • Investment planning in financial products.
  • Structures that facilitate investment and divestment.
  • Tax optimisation in terms of personal income tax and wealth tax.
  • Asset management and family business and real estate assets.
  • Planning, gifting and inheritance of family assets.
  • Study and proposals on assets located abroad.
  • Information about tax updates and application.