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Investment funds

Feel good to be good.

Investment funds
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18 Aug 2022
It's not new, but we are now more aware that our health is “everything” and is impossible to split up. Our emotional health influences our physical health, our work and social environment determines our happiness, our happiness also depends on how we reach our goals or, that in order to love, we need to love ourselves.

Why invest in this trend?

  • A new lifestyle that translates into new daily consumption habits.
    We control our sleep or stress with devices, we look for a healthier and more sustainable diet, we go to the gym, to the masseur, we look for a healthier and more aesthetic smile, we lean on the benefits that our pets provide or we take time to give ourselves a massage or meditate for a few minutes.
  • A trend that affects all ages.
    Not just young people: the increase in life expectancy causes older people to make healthier decisions that help them prevent physical and mental illnesses, which allow them to prolong and improve their quality of life.
  • All these factors are causing the growth and development of a new economy:
    The well-being economy is growing at a rate of 10% per year.

A society that is willing to combat fast consumption and the hectic pace of life.

invertir en bienestar
invertir en bienestar
Source: Natixis
Well-being, its culture and its economy, is visible in the transformation of the landscape that our cities and neighbourhoods experience every day.
Food, sports equipment, veterinary clinics, advertisements with remote education programs, opticians who invite us to have more than one pair of glasses, physiotherapy clinics, oriental therapy centres or something as common and close as pharmacies, where chemistry has also given way to cosmetics and more natural medicine. This is our new environment.
  • The globalisation of well-being.
    Better information has been able to generate new demand and a greater supply of products and services that are increasingly accessible to the different economic groups of the population. For example, all neighbourhoods now have a new dental clinic or a new psychotherapy centre.
  • The rise of local markets.
    Places that offer local products that are more beneficial for our health and for our planet, but that also satisfy the need to generate a social fabric capable of turning a routine, like shopping, into a pleasant activity: vermouth? afternoon drinks?
  • A message of clear support from governments and companies.
    Initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the need for a change towards a healthier life, both physically and emotionally, are visible in government programmes that encourage physical activity, as well as companies that invest in and care for the health of their employees.

Wellness, a visible trend today with a trajectory towards the future:

  • Demographic data that supports the trend.
    The increase in life expectancy, with the consequent increase in healthcare costs that it entails, turns the search for well-being into a clear investment opportunity.
  • Environmental awareness.
    Another way of thinking, another way of acting and consuming that favours the creation of new demands to which to respond.
  • Technological advances.
    The incorporation of new devices in our normality such as telecare services, devices for improving health monitoring, etc.

An investment proposal with a thematic and responsible approach that takes into account environmental and social considerations and with the umbrella of government support.

  • Companies linked to the welfare economy.
    Companies that offer solutions and services to consumers with the aim of maintaining and/or improving their physical and mental health in the long term.
  • A thematic and responsible approach.
    An approach that systematically takes into account environmental, social and governance considerations.
  • Diversified geographic and sectoral investment.
    Consumer discretionary and health are the main sectors, but also basic consumption, materials, communication services and industrial services.

What do the experts think?

  • Thematic investing provides investors with access to a set of markets that have the potential to grow faster than the overall world economy. This is due to the secular growth engines that sustain them over the long term.

Our investment proposal

Invest in funds through shares in infrastructure corporates around the globe.

The value of investment funds1 can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested.

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