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Investment funds

2.3 billion Millennials in the world are a lot of “likes”.

Investment funds
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29 Sep 2022
The priorities and tastes of the Millennial generation are leading the radical transformation of social and consumer habits. New habits constantly being adopted by the rest of the population: social media, e-commerce, streaming platforms, etc. No matter how old, today we all have something of the Millennial in us

Why invest in this trend?

  • They represent the largest consumer force in the world.
    The Millennial generation, made up of people born between 1980 and 1999, is a wealthy generation, with a great predisposition to spend and whose income level has already exceeded that of other generations such as Baby Boomers or Generation X.
  • The Millennials generation is driving a disruption that affects many economic sectors.
    Financial products, cars, phones, computing, leisure platforms, data hosting in the cloud, the tourism sector and a very long etc.
  • A generation continually exposed to social media.
    This exhibition is redefining the advertising and marketing landscape: it will be corporates capable of adapting their strategies to these communication media that achieve significant brand positioning and, consequently, a well-positioned market share among this demographic group.
  • Big Data.
    The enormous volume of data generated by these new, highly technological consumption habits represents an opportunity for investment in corporates that are experts in data storage and processing.

60" in the life of Millennials, the first digital native generation.

60segundos 1 millón de inicios de sesión 18,1 millones de mensajes enviados 996.956 $gastados en línea 41,6 millones de mensajes enviados 390.030aplicaciones descargadas 347.222scrolls en Instagram 188 millones de correos electrónicos enviados 3,8 millones de búsquedas efectuadas 694.444horas de visualización 180 altavoces inteligentes enviados 1,4 millones de deslizamientos horizontales 4,5 millones de vídeos vistos 2,1 millones de instantáneas creadas 41 suscripciones de música en streaming
Fuente: Visual Capitalist
Source: Visual Capitalist
A technological lifestyle that is present in everything: from managing finances to managing emotional relationships.
Amirror that reflects the vast majority of society, which, especially since the pandemic, and regardless of generation, has assumed these new habits as its own.
  • Online retail.
    Sectors such as fashion, food delivery services, financial services, cinema, pharmaceuticals and training. Everything that we could get traditionally at a physical retailer, it is now possible to get with a click.
  • Collaborative economy.
    Also known as “sharing”, shows a new economy that, thanks to technology, allows sharing of goods and services: accommodation platforms, transport between drivers, work spaces, etc.
A technological life that is not at odds with environmental awareness.
UA generation aware of climate change, ecology and social responsibility, willing to pay more to consume in a more responsible and healthy way, and showing great interest in the culture of well-being.

What makes Millennials lose sleep.

Source: Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019

90% of Millennials live in emerging markets.

  • 90% of Millennials belong to emerging countries. 400 million Millennials live in China, 426 in India, while in the United States, the figure “stands at only” 72 million.
  • Emerging Millennials have as much total wealth as Millennials in developed countries, although, as might be guessed, the figure changes significantly when comparing wealth per capita.
EE.UU72 millones China400 millones India426 millones
Source: Statista

Our investment proposal focuses mainly on corporates that benefit from the behaviour of the Millennial generation, the increase in e-commerce, social media, awareness about the environment and interest in physical and mental well-being are some of the main changes compared to other generations.

  • Most outstanding sectors
    Among the sectors most related to this generation, some that we can highlight are communication services, discretionary spending and information technology.
  • Active management
    Not all corporates are going to be able to adapt as quickly as required to the new demands of this generation, which means good active management opportunities will be generated.

What do the experts think?

  • According to a study published by the La Vanguardia newspaper, by 2025, the Millennial generation is expected to account for half of global luxury consumption.

Our investment proposal

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