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Investment funds

“Yes”, knowledge does have a place.

Invertir en educacion
Investment funds
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18 Oct 2022
Not just any place, but the most important and necessary one for human progress. Education is the answer to interconnecting the world, the weapon to fight inequality, to help to improve our status, the tool to improve the efficiency of corporates, and more. Education has been and will always be the most honest way to build a better society.

Why invest in this trend?

  • The middle class of emerging countries is growing.
    And with it grows the desire to offer their children a better education than the one they received. A natural desire that will translate into increased spending on education by the families that make up this new middle class. A trend that is already being experienced in China and is expected to continue in countries like India.
  • The work environment is increasingly competitive.
    It is in this environment that education plays a key role. The changes that have taken place in society and, above all, those still to come, require continuous training for the acquisition of new skills needed to adapt to the new roles that society requires.
The work environment is increasingly competitive
A new scenario for which the different governments will, like it or not, need the collaboration of the private sector.
The necessary support to increase investment in education, because, if not, many states will not be able to meet the growing demands of their population, especially in an economic situation like the current one.
  • A piece of data: an estimated loss of more than 1.5 billion jobs.
    The ecological transition and the digitalisation or automation of processes require a transformation and training to allow the working population to continue in the jobs market.
  • And another piece of data, which demonstrates the opportunity to invest.
    Today, the education sector has only a minimal presence in the equity market, of just 5%.
A sector that awaits an increase in public investment to offset the deficit caused by the pre-pandemic crisis.

Global spending on education

Total global spending on education and training
Trillions of dollars (2000-2025F)

Graphic Source: Holon IQ, January 2021

A transformation in which new technologies play a critical role

  • A before and after the pandemic.
    New technologies have made it possible to normalise distance education, allowing access to quality education from anywhere in the world, in a personalised way, and evaluating the teachers, which is a critical aspect for quality control.
  • Reduced inequalities.
    These new technologies allow education to continue growing by up to 16% per year, reducing costs and distances, and favouring greater personalisation.

1 Digital 2019 2.8% of total spending. 2 Digital 2025 5.5% of total spending. Source: Researchgate

The education sector represents a great opportunity for investors, not only because of the attractive returns expected in the long term, but also because of the strong social impact generated by this type of investment. Our investment universe focuses on corporates that are part of the education sector and the technologies that facilitate access to it.

  • Suppliers of educational products and services.
  • Sponsors of continuing education, responsible for training in their business model to improve economic or social performance.
  • Providers of access to education, facilitating appropriate conditions for learning.
  • Corporates that develop new technologies that help to improve the quality and accessibility of education.

What do the experts think?

  • The UN says that education enables upwards socioeconomic mobility and is an essential factor for escaping from poverty. However, over half of the world's children and adolescents are not achieving minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.
  • The UN says that enrolment in primary education in developing countries has reached 91%. However, this still means that 57 million children of primary-school age are not in school, and it is estimated that 50% of these live in areas affected by conflicts.

Our investment proposal

Invest in funds through shares in infrastructure corporates around the globe.

The value of investment funds1 can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested.

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