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Social networks

Another generator of business

Social networks have gone from being something of a novelty in any company to becoming a department which supports, invigorates and generates business for the most advanced companies with the clearest ideas.

At Bankinter, this evolution took place a long time ago, and its presence in social networks provides frequent and transversal assistance to different areas and departments, including Communication, CRM, corporate banking, Marketing and the Customer Service. 

The Social Networks department's chief responsibility is to be the guarantor of the Bank's digital communication. However, the multidisciplinary character of its team allows it to explore and engage in a whole host of other projects in which the business is always at the centre of the activity.

As part of its main task of looking after and boosting the Bank's good image and reputation, Bankinter closed 2017, for the fifth year running, as the best Spanish bank in this channel, with 74.4% positive mentions, according to independent measurements by Acceso.

Bankinter blog

A decisive contribution to this was Bankinter's commitment to its own digital content, as a support tool for existing and potential customers and to increase the Bank's positive presence on social networks. 

The large majority of this content was distributed through the Bankinter blog, a digital space that regularly provides information on loans, homes, finances and taxation. In 2017, the blog received 2.2 million visits, 34.1% more than the year before, according to data from Google Analytics.

Annual evolution of Bankinter blog's audience (visits)

More than half of them (53.0%) came via search engines, compared to 32.7% in 2016, reflecting the growing weight in the Bank's SEO positioning. The blog also allows audience segmentation on the basis of their reading interests, which is key data for the CRM and digital marketing activities.

Since 2017, the Social Networks department has been in charge of editing all of the Bank's own digital content. These include, the blog for Coinc (Bankinter's savings platform) and the magazine for Popcoin (the new investment funds management platform).

The department also participates in more strategic tasks. This is the case with the plans to increase sales in corporate banking and other areas through social selling via social networks, and employee and departmental training with the aim of optimising sales. It is also involved in the roll out of a digital brand promotion campaign and communication of the Bank's activities through employees' social profiles.

At 31 December, Bankinter became the fifth Spanish bank with over 100,000 fans (likes) on Facebook and was the leader on Twitter, with 57,597 followers.

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