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As the internal climate surveys show, historically quality is an indispensable asset in the Bank's culture. Doing things well is essential. The goal every year is to continue in the spirit of permanently seeking excellence and increasing the links with the Bank's customers.

The function of the Quality area is to measure, assess and improve the Bank's services at two levels:

Customer satisfaction. Systematic quality assessments are carried out both of personal attention (physical and telephone banking) and digital (websites and apps) channels.

The quality of internal processes. The branch network employees' opinions were particularly analysed to discover how well the interrelationship between central services and the network works. The views of the employee in these surveys are considered as being those of the ‘internal customer’.

The goal every year is to continue in the spirit of permanently seeking excellence and increasing the links with the Bank's customers.

In 2017, the area was centred on the digital transformation process, which is considered key to the Bank's strategy. The customer experience in digital banking was especially analysed, with two main objectives: improve the less favourable opinions and change the favourable ones into recommendation drivers. 

Similarly, Quality also worked on consolidating the measurement processes of the Portuguese business, after its inclusion in the Group structure in 2016. 

Positive results

The results of these actions were very positive. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), the index measures how likely customers are to recommend the services of the Bank, improved from 24.7% in 2016 to 30.0 % in 2017. The partial measurements of digital channels and personal attention were also favourable.  

Similarly, the Bank's high score was maintained in the objective quality in commercial banking networks index, which analyses over 4,000 branches in the sector. In this survey, produced by the company Stiga using the mystery shopping technique, Bankinter received a score of 7.8/10, making it the leading bank from the Ibex 35 in quality of service. The average sector score was 7.0 

Looking to 2018, the department will continue to concentrate on measuring the new developments more and better, but its particular priority is to identify best practices and increase customer satisfaction levels and recommendation in the most advanced areas. The latest technology enables the services offered to be compared with the opinions of employees and customers in real time, which reduces the Bank's reaction time in correcting any shortcomings that may be observed.

NPS bank (cumulative annual data)
NPS branches and manager (cumulative annual data)
NPS digital channels (cumulative annual data)
Evolution objective quality in commercial banking networks vs objective quality financial sector

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