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The same image: online and offline

During 2017, the heads of Brand laid the foundations for the harmonisation of Bankinter's offline image with its online image, which the year before had been subject to an in-depth treatment, with the aim of aligning it with the requirements demanded by the new digital era and the brand's DNA.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, the principles and tools were established that permit Bankinter to create an authentic and singular digital experience. As part of this, a structural template was introduced that standardises the brand in all the areas where it is present.

To organise and offer a single image, in 2016 a common decision tree was defined, for creation of apps, in three parameters, each with a different colour. In this way, a visual system was created for Bankinter that enables the customer to intuitively identify the apps. To that was added a specific visual movement that was created for these apps, which was more subtle and elegant than with the first redesign. At the same time, some of the elements of the corporate identity were updated, such as the use of colour. 

The logic of the Bankinter colour palette can be summarised in these four basic types of colour use: backgrounds, texts, secondary and interaction. In this way the brand is created both visually and in terms of interactive experience, maintaining orange as the predominate colour.

Likewise, a new digital font was designed that, without losing the structure of the current one, maintains the same personality as the original and adapts perfectly to the new digital environments. The change was made without any disruptions that might disorientate customers and maintaining the style that has characterised Bankinter for the last dozen years.


The next challenge, which was embarked on in 2017, was to transfer the changes made in the digital corporate identity to the traditional environment (posters, stationery, signage and so on), so as to clearly express the positioning of the brand and its consistency across all environments.

To help do this, a set of brand principles were developed within which a new visual and verbal language was created to offer a single and homogeneous experience, adapted to the modern day. The essence underlying the entire process centres on progressing and adapting to modern times, but without losing the strategic basis of the Bankinter brand.

After a long year's work, the new developments are expected to be implemented during 2018.

A new measurement metric for the Bankinter brand

The brand is one of the Company's assets, and as such needs to have a metric that reflects with tangible data, the major importance that this intangible asset has. A new measurement system has been introduced that allows better management of the changes to Bankinter's brand and its impact on the business.




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