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Bankinter Innovation Foundation

Supporting the creation of sustainable wealth

The Bankinter Innovation Foundation promotes innovation and entrepreneurship as the drivers of sustainable wealth creation in Spain and, since 2016, in Portugal too.

In order to carry out this mission, it works in all key areas to promote innovation:

Knowledge. It anticipates and analyses upcoming trends that will set the challenges for the near future, through the Future Trends Forum.

Education. It strengthens the tools presented by innovation and entrepreneurship for the future, through the Akademia programme. 

Entrepreneurship. It promotes and supports these types of initiatives in Spain and Portugal, thanks to the Entrepreneurs programme, with the collaboration of Bankinter Venture Capital.

Companies. It encourages the growth of medium-sized Spanish companies as a driver of employment and wealth, through theCre100do programme. 

The Bankinter Innovation Foundation leverages the best institutions, experts and professionals, who collaborate pro bono. Of particular note among these groups is the board of trustees, formed by 22 high-level personalities, chosen for their links with innovation and who are part of the business community, both public and private sectors.  During 2017 the following members joined the board of trustees: 

Antonio Damasio. University professor and David Dornsife chair in Neuroscience at the University of Southern California. He is considered to be one of the best neuroscientists in the world. He has received numerous prizes, including the Asturias Prize in Science and Technology, 2005, which he shared with his wife Hanna Damasio. 

Charles F. Bolden. President of The Bolden Consulting Group LLC. He was the 12th Administrator of NASA. During his tenure, Bolden oversaw the transition from the use of space shuttle missions to a new era of exploration focused on full utilisation of the International Space Station and space aeronautics technology development.

The Foundation has had a redesigned website (www.fundacionbankinter.org) since April last year to show all its content and activities. It is also available through the following social network profiles:

Future Trends Forum

This is the only multidisciplinary and international think tank focused on innovation.  Comprising 519 experts, it anticipates and detects innovation trends, analysing their impact on society and business models. In 2017, the following trends were addressed: 

Digital health. The experts analysed the technological revolution to develop a new digital health map, with its barriers and benefits, and to identify the agents involved (patients, health professionals, public services) in the acceleration of digital health.

Business model disruption. Disruptive innovation, very rare until the appearance of the latest technological developments, is creating new business models, like digitalisation, the platform economy or the collaborative economy. This trend analyses these models and their socio-economic impact.

Longevity. This focuses on the consequences of the ageing population: the biological, labour, social and economic implications of longevity; business management with ageing workers; the new forms of public health, social security and pensions systems, and, in particular, the innovation opportunities in the near future. Their conclusions will be presented in 2018.

All of the content generated by each trend is published on the Foundation's website and is presented at the conferences held throughout Spain, with the main objective of anticipating the future and encouraging innovation in our society. Last year, these conferences were held in the following locations: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Bilbao and Lisbon. Over 3,000 people attended.

The work of analysis and communication performed by the Future Trends Forum has been recognised by the University of Pennsylvania's Global Go To Think Tank index, where it is listed as Spain's best (and only) science and technology think tank and is in the world's top 30 for the fifth year running.


Created in 2008 by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, this programme aims to influence education to encourage an innovative attitude in future leaders, taking into account that most innovative ideas are not the result of a sudden flash of insight, but rather they are due to a learning process and analysis of the environment.

Akademia You Project. Course on innovation in leading Spanish universities. It was taught in ten of them last year, with a total of 176 students and a recommendation rate of 93%.

Akademia Open Project. nline, modular courses which are free of charge and freely accessible to anyone interested. 3,287 students registered for the second year of the course on ‘The Future of Money’ and there was a completion rate of over 38%.

Akademia Business Project. Business training focused on innovation. In 2017 a course was held for 25 employees from 25 different areas of Bankinter central services. It involved both theory and practical sessions and was one of the Bank's most highly valued training courses, with quality ratings of over 85%. 

Akademia would not be possible without its cloister, made up of 56 eminent professionals involved in the programme, transmitting the knowledge and passion for innovation and entrepreneurship to their students. 



This involves a joint programme between the Bankinter Innovation Foundation and Bankinter Venture Capital to support high-potential Spanish entrepreneurship during the start-up phases. Since it started in April 2013, 1,969 projects have been presented, with investment being made in 1.5% of them. 

During 2017, Entrepreneurs supported the following start ups:

Photoslurp. A visual commerce platform which allows brands to leverage user generated content (UGC) created by their and followers. It automatically collects photos and videos that users share on social networks. 

3Ants. EOne of the leading companies in the world in the protection and fight against piracy in media and digital portals. Works for the main film producers and distributors in countries like Spain, USA, Argentina, Mexico and United Kingdom.

Iristrace. A platform providing forms to control all of a service's information in real time and to enable the design of inspections, audits, orders, and parts of work in just a few minutes. The aim is to involve all staff in ensuring quality and excellence through a single integrated cloud tool. 


This is a programme of the Bankinter Innovation Foundation along with the Business Roundtable (Circulo de Empresarios) and the Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) that contributes to the development of a productive model based on companies that are bigger, more innovative, more internationalised and add more value. Over five years, Cre100do will accompany 100 Spanish companies, with sales of between 25 million euros and 300 million euros, along the road to becoming big businesses. At the moment 75 have been chosen. A full list can be seen at: https://www.cre100do.es/es/quienes-somos

The activities of Cre100do are part of a conceptual framework where the key points are analysed that every company should follow if it wants to grow bigger:

Growth potential. Work was done on producing a road map so that all companies (whether or not they are part of Cre100do) can start to use the tools they have available to help them reach this goal.

CEO's agenda. Contains the key points that CEO's should have on their agendas, such as the general trends that
will influence the company's immediate future, the ecosystem within which the company is developing, the organisation, the talent and the brand.  In relation to these factors, Cre100do organised the following activities in 2017:

  • 20 workshops on the details of the CEO's agenda with directors and executives of participating companies. 
  • 2 training days with all of the companies that form part of the Cre100do ecosystem.
  • 4 open public events in Vigo, Madrid and Seville. 
  • 8 Cre100do talks, that aim to present aspects of the programme's conceptual framework and cover the development and implementation of solutions to the specific or sectoral problems presented. 
  • Publications and videos that can be found on its website. 

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