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Marketing: Decisive support for commercial action

The Marketing area has the mission of developing and implementing the Bank's marketing plan, through the design and launch of advertising campaigns, direct marketing and commercial events, with the aim of acquiring new customers and creating loyalty among existing ones.

 The main actions in 2017 were as follows:

  • Launch of new advertising campaigns in Portugal, aimed at raising brand awareness and recognition levels in that market.
  • The advertising strategy, ‘Decididamente personal’ (‘Undeniably personal’), continued to be rolled out in the media, which involves a balanced combination of the commercial offer and the brand values, with the aim of positioning Bankinter as a bank that prioritises the treatment of people as individuals over mass actions. 
  • Implement new tools that help optimise both advertising actions and the taking of customer-oriented business decisions.
  • New functionalities were added to the customisable offers tool, which was first introduced last year and has become a key element of support in attracting new customers.
  • The appearance of the advertising leaflets used in the branch network in the sale of the Bank's products and services was updated. 
  • A strategic marketing plan was implemented for the equities business, designed with the heads of the business. It includes a full training programme, with free sessions at national level, where both customers and non-customers can receive an update on their trading knowledge and investment strategies. 
  • All of the commercial content of the new web was generated, together with the Digital area, writing the texts, selecting the images and designing the landing pages for the advertising campaigns in digital media.

Digital and mass media 

There were notable advances made in the control and optimisation of advertising campaigns in digital media in 2017. Their analysis can now be made in much more detail and be oriented to the business. In addition, the initial steps were taken on the utilisation of information on the digital behaviour of existing and potential customers, with the first segmentation in the planning of campaigns being made based on customers' previous behaviour when using the Bank's website.

In January 2017, Bankinter launched an ambitious advertising campaign in terms of investment, duration and objectives. With a major presence in the mass media, it had the objective of continuing to support commercial activity and increasing brand awareness, consideration and preference, so as to make Bankinter's positioning clearly differentiated from that of its competitors.

A creative campaign, ‘Súbete el sueldo’ (‘Give yourself a pay rise’), was rolled out in the first quarter, which continued the ‘Undeniably personal’ strategy of previous years. 

As of May, the second wave of communication of the ‘Give yourself a pay rise’ campaign appeared, this time under the claim ‘No está pagado’ (‘They don't pay me for that’) which was shown on television before and after the summer.

As a result of its media planning and strategy, in 2017 Bankinter was ranked third among financial sector advertisers in investment in television GRPs 20’.

Retail and commercial banking 

In addition to the equities training events, the updating of the commercial leaflets and the improvements to the customisable offers tool, other actions were undertaken aimed at existing and potential high net worth customers. Once again this year, the most significant of these was the 'Bankinter Tour', which in 2017 starred Raphael and Luz Casal and was a great success with the public. 

The following were organised for existing and potential private banking customers: 

Exclusive lunches, with around 500 people in attendance.

Financial workshops, the aim of which is bringing advisory services closer to high net worth customers and publicising the Bank's investment funds range in an original and innovative format.

Public relations events, such as four opera suites with the soprano Pilar Jurado and six nights of jazz with the crooner Javier Botella and his band Copa Ilustrada.

Corporate banking 

The territorial and sectoral marketing actions model was maintained. This is aimed at contributing to the loyalty of existing corporate customers and the attraction of potential new ones in the geographical locations and sectors with the most business organisations.

The following were among the training events which served as an inspiration to over 700 executives and entrepreneurs:

Business model innovation masterclasses, including the Business Model Canvas and the Blue Ocean Strategy masterclasses.

Training workshops, led by the experts from Cre100do and the Bankinter Foundation, which cover topics of interest to companies.

Sector meetings were also held, bringing together various players from the public, hotel and infrastructure sectors, with whom the Bankinter research department shared its vision of the Spanish and international economies. 

In 2017, Bankinter took part in the Cepyme500 initiative, which aims to identify and promote the 500 companies that lead business growth in Spain.

Contacts were strengthened with customers In the international business, through breakfast meetings to discuss currency market issues. Bankinter was also present in the leading foreign trade fairs in Spain (Imex Madrid, Imex Gijon, Imex Ciudad Real and Imex Malaga), which brought together a large number of existing and potential customers.


The Bank continued to develop econometric models of advertising attribution. These enable the customer acquisitions that arise from each of the advertising campaigns launched during the year to be measured, and this helps us learn and improve future marketing actions.

At a more tactical level of control of advertising effectiveness, through these models the Bank also measured the return on television spots (by channels, days of the week and time slots) and the campaigns launched during the year, which has helped produce an optimal media mix plan, maximising the return on investment of advertising campaigns.

With regard to operational, product regulation and institutional communications, Bankinter continued with the task of managing customer communication campaigns, ensuring its commitment to quality and promoting e-mail as the main medium of communication because of its efficiency. 

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