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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Bankinter's customer management strategy remains focused on continued growth and being the benchmark bank for companies and households.

CRM, as the area responsible for knowing the customer and developing the relationship with them, is in the currently in the process of making the best use possible of the digital transformation of Bankinter and of customer behaviour. The main objective is to encourage the use of new tools to establish a closer, more personalised and more efficient relationship, and to turn the data into commercial opportunities.

From an internal viewpoint, propensity models are being developed using Big Data technology to discover customer needs before they express them. From the customer viewpoint, it involves digitalising things as much as possible, with messaging campaigns and reactive actions when they call telephone banking or visit a branch, along with other actions driven by Web Mail. 

At the close of 2017, 91% of active customers when interacting with Bankinter as individuals, did so digitally, either in combination with other channels (60%) or exclusively by digital means (30%).

This enables quicker contact with customers and a reorientation of the channels through which Bankinter addresses them, without stopping the growth in contacts through their personal manager. Over 10 million CRM actions impacted on customers in 2017. 25 million notices without product offers were also sent by mail, containing market reports and invitations to training sessions.

Total notices sent (millions)


Other achievements in 2017 were as follows:

Retail and commercial banking. Actions aimed at attracting part of the wealth of high net worth customers over to the management of Bankinter were increased. 

Individual retail banking. The personalisation of consumer finance offers with pre-authorised amounts in function of the customer's profile and status was improved.

Corporate banking. The focus remains on spotting opportunities to increase quality loans and receivables and be involved in companies' day-to-day activities, such as short-term financing of tax payments, available through the website in just a couple of clicks. 

In 2017, the Bank's commercial intelligence was directed towards a greater personalisation of the website and digital media. An example of this are the push notifications that the companies who authorise them receive on their personal computers, always at the time most suitable for them and without needing to be connected to the Bank's website.  

Also in relation to individuals, the website commercial offer has been increased, with personalised designs and contents available according to the device from which the customer connects, and customers receiving the latest updates via alerts, which they can store with the other notifications they get from the Bank.

In summary, CRM's remit was to obtain a greater number of contacts, more personalised on the basis of better commercial intelligence, and more digital in line with the changes in the behaviour of consumers and the Bank.

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