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Managing the new MiFID environment

For the Bank's securities company, 2017 was marked by the implementation of the MiFID 2 Directive and the MIFIR Regulation, which fully impacted on its activities by requiring it to review a large part of its processes.

Likewise, pre- and post-trading transparency occupied a great deal of the activity of the areas of the Bank, which culminated in the successful implementation of tools and processes for notifying executed orders, both to the market (Order Record Keeping -ORK-) and the supervisor (Transaction Reporting). 

Another major challenge during the year was the incorporation of the changes introduced in the provision of investment analysis services, with the aim of ensuring total independence by separating the charge made for it from the volume executed by the Bank.

Traded volume during 2017 amounted to 28.244 billion euros, which represents a 2.2% market share after third-market trading.  Pre-tax profit amounted to 4.9 million euros, a very commendable growth of 30% due to cost savings.

International markets 

In spite of the problems in European securities markets, Bankinter Securities successfully maintained its strategy of orienting its activity towards them, and they now contribute 30% of its revenue. It also increased its presence in France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Belgium. The company continued to extend its specialist portfolio of high net worth customers, professional equities investors that operate on their own behalf with the backing of Bankinter resources. 

The reorientation of the securities business is part of the process begun in December 2013 to improve our services offer. The aim is to develop towards a format that is more global and oriented towards asset management and specialised advisory services, in line with the standards of quality and efficiency which are hallmarks of Bankinter.

Looking towards 2018, Bankinter Securities intends to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the regulatory environment, as well as increasing the international business base and becoming a benchmark domestic broker for international investors.

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