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Leaders in stockbroking

In the first half of 2017, equities markets were characterised by a notable increase in trading and a strong buying pressure, which saw them hit record highs in May. The second half of the year, on the other hand, was defined by political uncertainty, with a subsequent drop in trading volumes and prices.

Against this backdrop, Bankinter's cash trading grew by 4% on last year, after opening almost 10,500 new securities accounts. The deposit portfolio increased by 12.69% up to 15.287 billion euros at the end of December and generated fees of 74 million euros, growth of 8.8%. As a result, in 2017 the Bank continued as leader in the stockbroking business, created new and improved relationships with their customers and ended the year in a very healthy state.

This was all possible thanks to the adaptation of working methods to changes in consumer behaviour and technology, and the team structure that was created in 2016 becoming fully operational, which enabled it to be closer to the business and its customers in all Spanish cities. Other positive influences were the strong backing of educational programmes, for all types of investors, and the success of the ‘súpertarifa’, a special low rate charged for trades of a small amount.

The Equities business was particularly proactive in 2017 at keeping its customers informed. Of note in this regard were:

  • The creation of the Bankinter Broker Academy (Academia Bróker Bankinter), which delivered four continuous training modules to over 2,600 people, with almost 200 courses being held in the major cities.
  • The launch of a trading laboratory for those customers who are most expert in using Traderlab, in which 1,710 advanced traders participated.  
  • The stock market forum roadshow (Gira Fórum Bolsa), with its focus on the securities markets, with both in-person and, for the first time, online events, which enabled it to reach over 5,600 existing and potential customers. 

Bankinter's training events are a benchmark for the Spanish financial sector, offering training that is free and differentiated by level. 

Broker account

Lat year Bankinter created the first broker account (cuenta bróker), which pays interest on the basis of customers’ trading activity, and communication with them was improved through the highly original digital campaigns on the recently updated website.

The launch of the new graphic broker (bróker gráfico) tool is planned for 2018, and this will make trading more agile in all available markets and products. The Bank will also continue its commitment to customer training through the Bankinter Broker Academy.

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