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Bankinter signs a partnership agreement with SECOT aimed at promoting the continuing contribution of senior talent to society

The programme forms part of the social dimension of Bankinter's Sustainability Plan 2021-2023.

The Bank has launched a dual initiative with SECOT consisting on the one hand of a volunteer programme for retired employees who want to continue putting their expertise to good use by contributing to different social actions outside the Bank.

The second aspect of the initiative is an offboarding process for professionals who are retiring and want to receive support on making a smooth transition and optimal adaptation to the new stage of life on which they are about to embark.

Bankinter is reinforcing the social dimension of its Sustainability Plan 2021-2023, known as the '3D Plan'. To this end, the Bank has reached a partnership agreement with SECOT (Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation) to develop two types of actions aimed at boosting the contribution of senior talent to society. The agreement was signed by María Paramés, Bankinter's director of People, Corporate Communication and Quality, and Inocente Gómez Bordonado, chairman of SECOT.

This non-profit association brings together senior professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who have retired but are keen to offer their experience and expertise to society on an altruistic basis.

The agreement with SECOT represents a new aspect of the social dimension of Bankinter's Sustainability Plan 2021-2023, known as the '3D Plan', which includes more than 50 programmes distributed across 20 strategic lines and underpinned by the triple ESG dimension: environmental, social and governance.


Volunteer programme

Thanks to its partnership with SECOT, the Bank has launched two types of initiatives. The first is a programme for senior staff who retire from the Bank and are keen to continue putting their professional expertise to good use by contributing to wholly voluntary initiatives, including, for example, actions related to financial education. The programme is entirely voluntary and offers former employees thus inclined the chance to contribute to society.

As a second aspect of the partnership agreement with SECOT, Bankinter is offering employees who are entering retirement the chance to take part in an offboarding process with tools to help them adapt to their new stage of life by undertaking different activities and with the long-term aim of active ageing.

People who choose to enter the programme will become members of SECOT (free for the first year), will be assigned a  senior mentor in the initial stages, and will have access to a one-stop shop for personalised attention, registration on the SECOT website, a 'welcome package' consisting of detailed information about the association's different activities, and a specific email account.

Stronger social dimension

Bankinter will continue to reinforce the social dimension of its Sustainability Plan with new initiatives to consolidate its position as one of the most sustainable financial institutions, as demonstrated by its inclusion for four consecutive years on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World that brings together the corporates with the best sustainability performance in the world.