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Bankinter earns 271 million euros in the first half of 2022, up 11%, excluding the capital gain from the Linea Directa transaction, and exceeds the contribution of the insurance company with pure banking income


Bankinter secures its position as a highly sustainable bank after renewing its membership in the renowned FTSE4Good index

The bank has been a member of this index since it was created in 2001 and has been re-elected as a member in each annual edition since its creation.

Sustainability is a strategic priority for the entity, which has decades of experience in the environmental, social and good governance fields..

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Bankinter reinforces Popcoin and rebrands it as 'Bankinter Roboadvisor' after its pioneering role in digital banking management

The Bank's 'roboadvisor' has established itself as a key player in digital investment through both delegated and indexed fund portfolios as well as pension plans based on exchange traded funds or ETFs..


Bankinter has become the first Spanish bank to launch an investment fund focused on the industry that will develop the metaverse

The prestigious manager Edmond de Rothschild AM has designed a global and multi-sector fund for the bank, to cover investor demand in the face of the new technological revolution that the metaverse will bring.

The fund focusses on assets that go beyond the purely technological and immediate aspects of this new dimension and targets securities in sectors with medium-term potential.

The fund is launched not only for Private Banking investors, but for all types of assets, since investments from €100 and over can be made.


Bankinter and Liberty Seguros enter into a new bancassurance partnership

The two entities will promote innovation and market automobile and homeowners' insurance through all Bankinter channels and networks in Spain and Portugal, including EVO Banco.

The insurance company's innovation capacity and international footprint in Bankinter's markets were key factors behind the agreement.

Liberty will own 50.01% of the new company and Bankinter the remaining 49.99%.

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