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Bankinter will integrate EVO Banco into its own structure to boost the Group's digital transformation

Bankinter expects to complete the integration in the first half of 2025.

Customers of EVO Banco will continue to operate completely online while benefiting from the full range of Bankinter's capabilities, products and services.

EVO Banco employees will join Bankinter, where they will continue to develop innovative digital products and services.

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According to the ESG ranking of the prestigious magazine "Time", Bankinter is among the most sustainable companies in the world.

Likewise, Bankinter ranks in the top 10 Spanish companies with the best performance.

The ranking has analysed more than 500 companies from over 30 countries.

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Bankinter Investment and Nuveen Natural Capital launch Landa Fund, a new alternative investment vehicle focused on the agricultural sector

Bankinter's investment banking subsidiary partners with Nuveen Natural Capital, a leading global manager of farmland.

This alternative investment vehicle is now starting to be marketed to Bankinter customers.

Landa Fund is intended for investment in farmland in Spain and Portugal, a sector with real impact on the economy.

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Bankinter and Liberty Seguros enter into a new bancassurance partnership

The two entities will promote innovation and market automobile and homeowners' insurance through all Bankinter channels and networks in Spain and Portugal, including EVO Banco.

The insurance company's innovation capacity and international footprint in Bankinter's markets were key factors behind the agreement.

Liberty will own 50.01% of the new company and Bankinter the remaining 49.99%.

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