Sustainable banking

2024-2026 Sustainability plan

The plan is based on the new Sustainability policy, which was approved by the Board of Directors in December 2023 to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of the environment, based on the bank's three strategic pillars (quality, innovation, and technology) and in line with its corporate values of agility, enthusiasm, integrity, and originality.

The Sustainability Committee is the executive body responsible for ensuring the correct development of the Plan. It is headed by the bank's chairman and is made up of the heads of key areas for the integration of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria in decision-making throughout the bank's value chain.


2023 Double Materiality Analysis

Strategy in 3 pillars

The sustainability strategy of Bankinter has materialized in the Sustainability Plan ADN 2024-2026, aimed at developing responsible management based on three pillars: Action, Differentiation, and Sustainable Business (Negocio sostenible in Spanish)



Sustainable Business

Bankinter Sustainable


Sustainability management has always been a priority at Bankinter Group.

Indexes and rankings

Bankinter's sustainability performance has been recognised with the inclusion of the bank in the main ESG indexes and rankings.

Annual reports

Sustainability reports, consolidated non-financial information, and others are published periodically by Bankinter.


Stay informed about Bankinter's commitment to the environment with the 2021-2023 3D Sustainability Plan.
BK News / Sustainability

Forética highlights Bankinter's "A bank for everyone" initiative

Bankinter's "A bank for everyone" programme recognised by Forética's JOBS 2030 as an initiative that encourages more sustainable and ethical work.

BK News / Sustainability

Bankinter organises the VII edition of the Transformation towards a Sustainable Economy Awards

The deadline for the Transformation towards a Sustainable Economy Awards, organised by Bankinter, Expansión and KPMG, is now open.

BK News / Sustainability

The V Edition of Greenweekend online arrives in Andalusia

Find out about Greenweekend and the programme for the Andalusia 2021 edition, with Bankinter's collaboration.