Sustainable banking

Policies and commitments

''Managing sustainability has historically been one of Bankinter Group's priorities. Its companies have put in place sustainability policies, from which sustainability plans have been developed to foster management in three dimensions - business, social and environmental - in line with the inclusive and sustainable development objective of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.''

D. Pedro Guerrero, Chairman of Bankinter


See Principles of the Sustainability Policy.

See Principles of the Sustainability Policy

Policy on Human Rights

Bankinter´s human rights policy states its commitment to respecting, supporting and protecting human rights in its operations and in regard to its stakeholders within the environment in which it operates.

Bankinter Policy on Human Rights

Human Rights Due Diligence Process


Inclusion and Diversity Policy

In carrying out its activities, Bankinter recognises the value of individual differences and actively promotes diversity in its talent management procedures.

Bankinter Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Environmental policy

This firm commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment is included in the Bank's Environmental Policy, which establishes the means and procedures for the activities whose environmental performance has room for continuous improvement.

In driving the actions and initiatives aimed at improving environmental performance, the Sustainability Area is supported by the Sustainability Committee, the body responsible for guiding the Group's sustainability policy and programmes.

Bankinter Environmental Policy


Estrategia de Acción Social

Establece el marco de actuación de las entidades del Grupo Bankinter en el proceso de solicitud, valoración, decisión, control, seguimiento y medición de las contribuciones que Bankinter aporta con fines sociales.

Health, Safety and Well-being Policy

Bankinter is aware that people are the main asset of the company and considers the health, safety and well-being of its employees one of its main priorities.

Health, Safety and Well-being Policy

Sector policies

In its Control and Risk Management Framework, Bankinter has defined "Principles related to the sustainability of investment" related to particularly controversial or risky sectors financing, and where social and environmental impacts can be significant. To this end, Bankinter has developed "Sector Financing Guidelines" to establish the measures and benchmarks that the Bank will follow in its decision making, always taking into account, and when possible, the best international practices and standards.

These guidelines reflect Bankinter's commitment to sustainable development and the Bank focus on the follow-up of good practices by its clients.

Bankinter is committed to follow up on these guides and their correct application, as well as to its continuous revision, taking into account the best international practices and recommendations. The ultimate goal of these policies is to boost a transition of clients towards the best social, economic and environmental practices in the countries and communities in which they operate.

Policy on the integration of sustainability risks in investment decisions and advice

The Group's sustainability strategy rests on the following core principle: its business goals must be compatible with sustainable development and environmental and social objectives, preserving environmental and cultural resources for future generations, respecting diversity, and promoting the training and recognition of social groups that need specific support.

Policy on the integration of sustainability risks in investment decisions & advice